MLG Capital


The owners of the MLG Capital headquarters were determined to create a distinctive and atypical suburban office environment by transforming an iconic old Brookfield grocery store into a unique corporate office building. The previous use of the building did not include an opportunity to bring natural light into the balance of the interior space, so Stephen Perry Smith Architects added significant exterior fenestration openings, allowing sweeping views. And while the site lacked greenspace, the desire to maintain physical and visual connectivity to the exterior was a prerequisite to MLG Capital, so a large exterior screened patio space was integrated into the plan to promote social interaction. 

The greenhouse was designed to serve as an avant-garde entrance into the new headquarters facility. As you enter the space through the glass covered atrium space, the bocce ball court sets the tone for a work/play atmosphere. The natural stone wall and wood ceilings help to create a warm inviting entrance for visitors.  As you move through the interiors, a majority of the space is dedicated to a large open office area with smaller collaboration areas that are surrounded by perimeter offices with large windows to bring in the natural light.  Adjacent to the open office, there is an extra-large break room that allows the space to be used for work, eating lunch, and playing on the shuffle board, pool table or pinball machine.  If the Wisconsin weather is cooperating, there are large garage doors to provide an abundance of natural light and air to the break room or to allow employees to use the outdoor patio area that is partially screened to create a sense of privacy.  If the weather is not cooperating, the existing green house, was transformed into a large indoor play area that allows employees to play outdoor yard games in a tempered space that is visually open to the outdoors.   For the interior finishes, all existing wood ceilings were maintained with exposed spiral ductwork and pendant mounted lights to provide overhead visual interest.  The flooring compliments the existing materials and helps to tie the entire space together with varying patterns, complimentary colorways, and dissimilar material selections to help flow through the space based on room usage.  Even though this building is located in the suburbs, the interior design, collaboration spaces and unique amenities allow for collaboration between employees in a space that is normally found downtown.      


Brookfield, WI





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Looking to visit, collaborate, or join our team? Send us a message, we are excited about the opportunity to meet you!